Amy Schumer Arrested with Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters in D.C.

Amy Schumer Arrested with Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters in D.C.

Amy Schumer Arrested with Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters in D.C.

Organizers initially planned for protesters to then make their way to the East Steps of the Capitol, where they were to hold a "direct action", but US Capitol Police barricaded the building, forcing protesters into nearby Senate office buildings.

Another video, which has gone viral on Twitter, shows Schumer sending a message to a fan whose mother is protesting alongside her.

In a selfie video posted by a social media user, Schumer said to the camera, "Hi Zola, I'm here with your mom, she loves you very much, I think we're gonna get arrested and we're so proud of you".

Fellow actress Emily Ratajkowski, who was in Schumer's film "I Feel Pretty" and was photographed with the comedian at the rally, tweeted that she was arrested.

Amy Schumer has been reportedly detained in Washington D.C. while protesting Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

In video shared by MSNBC, police seems to be removing, one by one, protesters from the Hart atrium. Many Republicans and President Donald Trump have stood by Kavanaugh during the confirmation process, which is expected to come to a final vote in the Senate this weekend.

It comes as the chairman of the Senate judiciary committee says the FBI found "no hint of misconduct" in its investigation into Mr Kavanaugh.

So the thousands of demonstrators streamed into the Hart building, chanting and singing against Kavanaugh, whom multiple women have accused of sexual assault.

Schumer made a speech outside the building before the group stormed in.

"No matter how this goes, they can not keep us down", Schumer, 37, said during the protest, Variety reports. We're going to keep showing up.

"What neighbourhood was it in?"

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