Google Pixel 3 XL Gets Unboxed, Detailed, and Reviewed in New Leaks

Google Pixel 3 XL Gets Unboxed, Detailed, and Reviewed in New Leaks

Google Pixel 3 XL Gets Unboxed, Detailed, and Reviewed in New Leaks

The blog also published a raft of images with its review, so if you were wondering what the Google Pixel 3 XL looks like, wonder no more!

The Pixel 3 series will only have iterative upgrades over the previous generation.

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This new teaser from Google brings us back to square one as we now have no idea if the leaks were true or Google deliberately leaked those to distract us from the real Pixel 3. If you look at renders of the new devices, it looks like a pretty thick and clunky notch, too. The phone has 12.2 megapixels Rea camera and 8 megapixels dual front camera with a super-wide secondary front camera. Video recording is listed to be 4K 30fps for the rear sensor and 1080p for the front camera.

The Google Pixel Slate is rumored to arrive as laptop-tablet hybrid which means it will be equipped with a detachable keyboard.

All will be revealed later tomorrow but ahead of the launch event Google's current flagship, the Pixel 2, has been slashed in price.

2018 might be the year that the Pixel line gets wireless charging support, MySmartPrice has obtained a photo of a so-called Pixel Stand.

Is there even an interest in Google's upcoming Pixel event these days?

There are no further details for the device as of this moment, However, we are hoping to find out more at Google's event tomorrow. Interestingly, there's a key to launch Google Assistant. Similar to any other smart home speaker device, the Google Home Hub will be able to take voice-based commands and respond to it. The screenshot includes some of the Chrome OS tweaks we've seen in development recently, like the centered app shelf.

The two smartphones launching in this event will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with the latest Android operating system. It runs Chrome OS, of course, which Google is ready to really push into the tablet form. Google might also launch a new Chromecast model with Bluetooth support and also with enhanced 5GHz Wifi connectivity in this event.

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