Behind the painting depicting Trump sharing drinks with GOP presidents

Behind the painting depicting Trump sharing drinks with GOP presidents

Behind the painting depicting Trump sharing drinks with GOP presidents

But in The Republican Club, a painting by Mr Andy Thomas, an uncharacteristically brawny Trump joins the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt and George W. Bush.

"I work very had on the presidents' likenesses ... there's no satire", said Thomas, who cited Norman Rockwell as one of his influences. The White House said that during President Barack Obama's tenure, on the other hand, more than $245 billion costs were added.

United States President Donald Trump on Saturday said he wants only people with merit to enter the country. A cheery Gerald Ford stands behind Trump and a small variety of other former presidents, such as Grant and Coolidge, peep out from the backdrop.

United States President Donald Trump's 60 Minutes interview with Leslie Stahl that aired on Sunday.

If you look closely at the screenshot 60 Minutes shared, there is also a bowl of Starburst candy near the photo.

In both paintings, the vague figure of a suited woman is approaching the table.

"Why Trump is up at 3am in the morning us because doing cocaine in the basement apparently according to what I found in the painting", one user wrote. "That's the kind of woman that will be our first woman president; she'll walk right up to that table".

Thomas said that Trump was a "challenge to paint" because "even though he tans, he's a fair - has a fair complexion and no deep recesses". Hear what President Trump has to say about some of the issues that will likely be motivating voters at the ballot. Thomas told the Post that he wants to make everyone as good-looking as he can and tries to "shed the pounds where I need to". "He was very complimentary".

Trump, however, seems to be sporting a soda, as he does not drink.

Thomas told The Daily Beast that the print was given to the President by Rep. Darrell Issa, the California Republican and a fan of the artist's work.

The Republican presidents are portrayed sitting in a private club.

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