The Wentworth by-election vote is suddenly neck-and-neck

The Wentworth by-election vote is suddenly neck-and-neck

The Wentworth by-election vote is suddenly neck-and-neck

But it may be a tough sell for the new prime minister, who is on track to suffer the largest by-election loss in the history of Australia's parliament. "I hope the government will knuckle down and deliver good governance". "I would reject bad legislation", she told the Nine Network.

Action on climate change is another of her policies.

On Saturday, Morrison had surrendered the seat, previously held by Turnbull, after the early count showed a swing of more than 20 percent away from the Liberals.

He said Saturday's voting booths where skewed to Dr Phelps, showing that there had a been a late surge for her.

Of the 150 seats in the House of Representatives, the Liberals now hold 75, including that of the speaker.

Phelps, a former leader of the nation's peak medical professional body, has also said she won't support a vote of no-confidence in the government.

Phelps has said she prefers governments to run full term but has left in qualifiers, when pressed on the issue of whether she would give confidence.

The Labor opposition is also unlikely to test the now-minority Morrison government on the floor of parliament.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was in touch with Phelps on Sunday.

"If the government is talking about instability we know what's created the instability".

"Now, I don't see how he can argue that and not then say that we have to have an election". "Now we have a hung parliament".

The Australian Electoral Commission said with nearly 40 percent of the vote in Wentworth counted, high-profile independent candidate Kerryn Phelps was leading 54.34% compared to 45.66% for the Liberals' Dave Sharma under Australia's system of preferential voting.

"What has happened here in Wentworth is not unexpected".

"The event of two months ago angered and outraged many Liberals and particularly those in the seat of Wentworth".

Liberal candidate Dave Sharma was accosted on the hustings by protesters and confronted with leaked internal polling suggesting the party's heading for historic defeat but he still insists he's competitive.

Dr Phelps said her win should be an encouragement for other independents wanting to enter public life.

"It was said if we won the seat of Wentworth, it would make history, and, my friends, we have made history today", she said.

"That is the definition of instability", he said.

Independent Andrew Wilkie said he would not guarantee support, while Cathy McGowan, the Greens' Adam Bandt and Centre Alliance's Rebekha Sharkie are yet to comment following Dr Phelps' victory.

"You can't keep drifting to the right and think you're going to win an election", Dr Hewson told ABC TV.

Sharma, the Liberal candidate in Wentworth, is a former Australian ambassador to Israel who is credited with first making the proposal to relocate the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The Australian share market is tipped to open lower again this week, with the shock result contributing.

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