Saudi crown prince jokes about Lebanese PM Hariri at investment conference

Saudi crown prince jokes about Lebanese PM Hariri at investment conference

Saudi crown prince jokes about Lebanese PM Hariri at investment conference

Trump, who has forged closer ties with Saudi Arabia and the crown prince, last week said the United States had asked Turkey for any audio or video evidence.

Crown Prince Muhammad said, "The new Europe is the Middle East. Saudi Arabia and Bahrain will be different, even Qatar despite our differences, they have a strong economy and they will be different in five years".

Macron on Tuesday refused to take questions about halting arms sales to Saudi Arabia despite Germany's calls on its European partners to follow its example and stop arms exports to the kingdom.

The Saudi woman who defied authorities by driving a auto before the kingdom's ban on female drivers was lifted in August, says her friend Jamal Khashoggi "was really assassinated for being outspoken".

"It was carried out poorly and the cover-up was one of the worst in the history of cover-ups", Trump said.

Mr Trump did not give his views on who was ultimately responsible.

Visa records are confidential and Mr Pompeo was not more specific about who the revocations would affect, but the State Department later said 21 "Saudi suspects" would have visas revoked or would be declared ineligible to enter the US.

Erdogan dismissed Saudi Arabia's claim that "rogue agents" were responsible.

"He was killed in the consulate".

State media also said the king and the crown prince had held a meeting in Riyadh with members of the Khashoggi family, including Khashoggi's son, Salah.

He said a team of Saudi agents arrived in Turkey on October 1, the day before Khashoggi's death, and some visited the woods around Istanbul; that area has been searched for the journalist's body, which has yet to be found.

Earlier in the day, French government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said Paris "would draw the necessary conclusions and impose appropriate sanctions" once the French intelligence services conclude "Saudi Arabia's responsibility has been proved". According to Riyadh, 18 people have been arrested over their involvement in the incident.

This narrative has been met with a great deal of skepticism and was directly contradicted by Turkish President RecepTayyip Erdogan on Tuesday when he said Khashoggi's killing was premeditated.

May added that she will continue to pile diplomatic pressure on Saudi leaders to complete a swift and transparent investigation, and would be speaking to Saudi King Salman later on Wednesday. It was not clear what was in the suitcases.

"Believe the numbers, don't believe me".

In reference to Khashoggi's killing, the president on Tuesday also said that "w hoever thought of that idea, I think is in big trouble". He also said he would let Congress decide how to proceed on the matter. We don't know in terms of details how. "We're just hurting ourselves", Trump said.

The circumstances of Mr Khashoggi's death reaffirm the need to protect journalists and freedom of expression around the world.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has stopped short of pointing the blame at the Saudi leadership for the death of the Saudi insider-turned-critic.

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