China denies spying on Trump's cellphone, suggests change of phones

But Trump denied the report.

Hua said the New York Times should know if they publish this type of report it provides another piece of evidence of making fake news. And while he's encouraged to use the White House's secure landline for conversations, he reportedly doesn't want the calls going through the switchboard and logged for senior aides to see.

In listening in on Trump's cell phone calls, Chinese spies are reportedly trying to gain insight into the president's mind, figuring out what kind of arguments will win him over and who are the people that carry the most influence with him.

The Times reported that spies in China have compiled a list of Trump's non-governmental friends and associates who turn up on the other end of his phone calls, and aim to use them to silently nudge the White House toward Beijing-friendly policies.

Unlike the other government-managed phones, Trump uses the unaltered personal iPhone because of its ability to store contacts, The Times reported.

We have come to understand that Donald Trump, after dragging his feet for a year after presiding over the Oval Office, finally gave up his personal Android phone and got himself custom-made iPhones, which as per reports has no camera to take pictures and no microphone, but only receive texts from secured government servers.

White House officials have learned that President Donald Trump's cellphone conversations are being intercepted by Russian Federation and China to gather information on his associates and policy positions, The New York Times reported Wednesday. Both Wynn, the former Las Vegas casino magnate, and Schwarzman, the Blackstone Group CEO, have ties to China.

"If they are really very anxious about Apple phones being bugged, then they can change to using Huawei", a commentator said.

While China has been actively engaged in electronic espionage against Trump, the Russians are not believed to be as keen on getting the president's ear. Trump has, of course, insisted that the story is false, as have Chinese officials, although they managed to do it with a more insulting tone that would make International-Level Troll Vladimir Putin proud.

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