Google's shocking third party charger antics spark fury

Google's shocking third party charger antics spark fury

Google's shocking third party charger antics spark fury

Google's HDR camera algorithms for the Pixels have made headlines, and now the company is back with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

A Google spokesperson said that the phone can reach 10W charging speeds on a Pixel Stand thanks to a "secure handshake", an extra layer of security that also allows the Pixel 3 to show the Assistant UI on its screen while docked. Qi-standard chargers, even if they support 10w, are limited to 5w for Google's devices.

These chargers will be released through the Made for Google program, with Belkin set to release its own 10W Pixel 3 charger in the coming weeks. Depends on which side you look at it from. When other manufacturers follow suit, the certified chargers will use the protocol now used by the Pixel Stand to charge the new Pixel handsets at 10W.

Regardless, Google has confirmed that it is going to fix this. Similar to Huawei's flagships, if the Pixel 3 believes that Night Sight needs to be turned on, the handset will suggest it within the camera app.

Google's phones are Qi compatible, but it appears that they only charge on a Qi wireless charger at up to 5W.

It is hard to see this as anything but ridiculous. This essentially means that if you want to use a third-party charger you will have to be content with 5W charging speeds.

If there's one thing that Google's Pixel lineup continues to deliver on easily, it's camera performance. Here are the most important details that professionals need to know about the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. When placed on our Samsung Fast Charge wireless stand, the Pixel 3 displays "Charging rapidly" at the bottom. Third-party chargers are capped to a pokey 5W charging speed. Qi is a standard, and a phone should strive to work with every charger.

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