Facebook Ad Report Puts Beto O'Rourke as Top Spender, After Facebook

Facebook Ad Report Puts Beto O'Rourke as Top Spender, After Facebook

Facebook Ad Report Puts Beto O'Rourke as Top Spender, After Facebook

There is no telling whether or not these latest endorsements will be a boost for O'Rourke, or if he will be able to make up enough ground to surpass incumbent Ted Cruz in the November 6 election, but without a doubt this election will be a closely watched battle that will keep the nation on its toes until a victor is declared.

Jimmy Carter was the last Democrat to carry the state in a presidential election. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.22 percentage points. He is also promoting a plan for middle-class tax cuts. The higher that number, the better for Dunleavey, who now leads by approximately 4 points in a race Fox News classifies as a toss-up. "Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs".

"God bless Texas, and God bless President Donald Trump", Cruz said in opening remarks at a jammed Toyota Center arena.

"In a normal Texas race, Republicans are going to have a 1- point advantage".

Having given Cruz a new nickname, "Beautiful Ted", Trump reviewed their 2016 battle when he took the podium after the two men embraced. Dozens of other Democrats have taken similar positions, and expressed the even more weird hope of impeaching or investigating Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.

But no trend appears inviolable with just days until the November 6 midterms. This election, its editorial board stated: "With eyes clear but certainly not starry, we enthusiastically endorse Beto O'Rourke for U.S. Senate". He has even partnered on past legislation with U.S. Sen John Cornyn (R-TX), showing his ability to work with policymakers despite party.

The editorial board continued: "Only O'Rourke seems interested in making deals or finding middle ground".

Texas has not elected a Democrat to the Senate since 1988. The Star-Telegram is the leading newspaper in Tarrant County, the state's third-largest.

In Dallas Wednesday morning he told supporters, "We've got a bus as big as the state of Texas".

Notably, the Chronicle previously endorsed Ted Cruz in the 2012 Election.

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