Randy Orton on John Cena Skipping Crown Jewel: 'Does He Still Wrestle?'

Randy Orton on John Cena Skipping Crown Jewel: 'Does He Still Wrestle?'

Randy Orton on John Cena Skipping Crown Jewel: 'Does He Still Wrestle?'

After a lot of controversy surrounding the event, WWE will go ahead with the show as scheduled.

However, the WWE has been forced to write two major stars out of proceedings for the Saudi event.

Still advertised as performing, Daniel Bryan was also rumored to be sitting out the event in protest. Bryan's status appeared to be up in the air, according to multiple reports.

Even wrestling fans are vocally denouncing the show. They handled it well, and while Crown Jewel is weakened by the former General Manager's removal, his substitute is guaranteed to bring the heat.

Now the company is leaning on Hogan, an icon, to be the face of Friday's event.

Following the termination of his contract, Hogan was also removed from the WWE Hall of Fame but he was officially reinstated in the summer and was invited backstage to the "Extreme Rules" pay-per-view in July where he offered an apology to the locker room for his words.

Why is "Crown Jewel" so controversial?

"The Greatest Royal Rumble" that took place in April was met with its own backlash as the company was criticized as a propaganda arm for Saudi Arabia as it looked to change its image on a global stage.

Just last week The Hulkster - real name Terry Bollea - hinted that he would be heading to Saudi Arabia and admitted he was so grateful to have been forgiven by the WWE Universe for his mistake so many years ago.

According to BBC, the Saudi government initially insisted that Khashoggi, a United States resident who went into self-imposed exile and was an outspoken critic of crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, left the consulate in Turkey shortly after arriving to obtain an official document.

WWE has operated in the Middle East for almost 20 years and has developed a sizeable and dedicated fan base.

WWE initially responded by stating they were "monitoring the situation" but the Connecticut-based company ultimately made a decision to go ahead with the show that will take place in the capital city of Riyadh.

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