Million Facebook Users’ Private Messages Hacked

Million Facebook Users’ Private Messages Hacked

Million Facebook Users’ Private Messages Hacked

The notorious actors claim that they have the details of about 120 million accounts. These hackers were also only able to obtain Facebook conversations - snippets of text sent between users - rather than users' personal information that's stored on Facebook servers. The hackers allege that they have personal data of over 120 million Facebook account holders, and they are looking to sell it at $0.10 per account.

As per a BBC report, the hackers appear to have found a way to steal the private messages of thousands of Facebook users - 81,000 to be exact.

Numerous users whose details have been compromised are based in Ukraine and Russian Federation - but some are from the UK, US, Brazil and elsewhere.

Instead, Facebook said, malicious browser extensions are to blame for monitoring the victims' activity and sending their messages and details to the hackers. Rosen said the social network had notified law enforcement, had the website hosting the Facebook account data had been taken down. Facebook had written to affected users to inform them about the breach in their private information.

The BBC Russian service contacted the five Russian users whose messages were uploaded by FBSaler and the post were theirs. The users affected are reportedly mostly located in Ukraine or Russian Federation. Digital Shadows also corroborated the 81,000 figure, and reported that one of these sites, tracked to St. Petersburg, also distributed the LokiBot trojan to its users. The IP address has also been flagged by the Cybercrime Tracker service.

Some cybersecurity experts reportedly believe that if rogue browser extensions are the cause of this security leak, that browser makers might be on the hook for some responsibility for not catching the nefarious extensions before allowing them on their stores.

The big picture: The latest security breach involving Facebook may not be the company's fault. Our database includes 120 million accounts, with the ability to sample by specific countries. The advertiser was asked if the breached accounts were the same as those involved in either the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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