Twitter removed automated accounts discouraging voting

Twitter removed automated accounts discouraging voting

Twitter removed automated accounts discouraging voting

Twitter has deleted more than 10,000 bot accounts which it says were trying to persuade people not to vote in the upcoming United States midterm elections.

While Twitter declined to specify how many accounts were taken down, Reuters earlier reported the number at more than 10,000.

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Following the 2016 election, in which fake Twitter accounts were found spreading propaganda and misinformation, Twitter has stepped up its policing efforts.

Twitter previously said it detected a total of 50,258 automated accounts that were identified as Russian-linked and responsible for tweeting election-related content during the 2016 race.

Reuters was first to report on the account removals.

It is noted that the calls were published allegedly on behalf of the US Democratic Party, but party representatives denied their involvement in the publication of such messages and notified Twitter about this.

University of IN professor of Informatics and Computer Science Filippo Menczer indicated that his system is not geared to help either party IN particular, but it is the Democrats who have used to tool to their advantage.

The bill would make it illegal to use the bots to influence voting.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) also works with a group of contractors and other partners that all work to try to identify misinformation campaigns as quickly as possible.

It came after the party flagged the misleading tweets to the social media company.

Representatives from Twitter significantly "cleaned" the content of your product, removing a huge number of accounts.

"We can't tell you who's behind these different operations, Twitter hides that from us, but with the technology you known when and how it's happening", Bhat said.

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