Trump Plans a Quiet Election Day After Weeks of Non-Stop Midterm Rallies

Trump Plans a Quiet Election Day After Weeks of Non-Stop Midterm Rallies

Trump Plans a Quiet Election Day After Weeks of Non-Stop Midterm Rallies

After years of condemning other members of the media as biased leftists, Fox News' Sean Hannity made a decision to abandon any illusion that he's "fair and balanced" on Monday night when he appeared on stage with President Donald Trump at a rally in Missouri.

It's considered standard for employees of news organizations not to engage in political campaign activities so their outlets do not appear unfair; some journalists go so far as to not vote at all for this reason. Hannity himself had tweeted: "To be clear, I will not be on stage campaigning with the president".

A Fox News spokesperson didn't respond to requests for comment Monday night about Hannity's appearance at the rally, which was one of the clearest demonstrations yet of the cozy relationship between the network and the Trump White House.

It was an extraordinary scene after the news network had worked Monday to establish distance between Hannity and the campaign.

But Hannity and Pirro appeared to cross a line for Fox News during his appearance at Monday's rally.

But the network statement issued Tuesday did not explain how it was addressed. Country singer Lee Greenwood performed Trump favourite "God Bless the U.S.A." in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and was expected to appear Monday with the president in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

And Hannity wasn't the only Fox host to take the stage to fawn over the president.

As race calls stream in from the Fox News Decision Desk, viewers will see live updates on the projections for the balance of power in Congress.

Speaking to a crowd in Fort Wayne, Ind., Trump said America's "single best economy" is at stake if Republicans don't prevail in the midterms.

During the rally, however, Trump called Hannity up to the stage.

"It disturbs me to my core", another Fox News staffer agreed.

Obama has taken on a more public role this fall after refraining from offering a full-blown counterpoint to Trump's policies, which have sought to dismantle Obama's legacy. And you do have, honestly, I see some - you have some very fine people back there.

Hannity has been rebuked by Fox in the past. In 2016, for instance, he cited unscientific polls on-air after a Fox News executive told network producers that they did not meet the company's editorial standards. When Fox found out in 2010 that the Tea Party had advertised that Hannity would be appearing at one of his fundraising rallies, Fox said it had not approved the arrangement and ordered him back to NY. "The White House-Fox News nexus has rarely been as evident as tonight in Cape Girardeau", said Philip Rucker, White House bureau chief at The Washington Post, on Twitter.

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