Will Democrats win midterm elections? Latest results for USA midterms

Will Democrats win midterm elections? Latest results for USA midterms

Will Democrats win midterm elections? Latest results for USA midterms

Many people have already voted.

Voter turnout could be the highest for a midterm election in 50 years, experts predicted.

In the end, the elections will go one of three ways: Republicans hold both chambers, Democrats take the majority in both, or the parties split the House and Senate.

"This is not just an anti-Trump election". (Although early voting prior to Election Day was up, the turnout numbers don't necessarily reveal how constituents voted).

Americans are heading to the ballot box to determine the balance of power in the US Congress and shape the future of Donald Trump's presidency.

Voters line up in Las Vegas.

Democrats needed to pick up two dozen seats to seize the House majority and two seats to control the Senate.

Democrats need to win two seats to claim the Senate majority.

On Monday, Facebook, NBC and even the Mr Trump's favourite network, Fox News, announced they would stop broadcasting a 30-second ad paid for by his campaign, which featured an undocumented Mexican immigrant.

Christine Giroux exits the voting booth at Transit Town Hall after casting her vote. "Now it's like the hottest thing".

This has been accounted for by all major news organisations, and pollsters are now more likely to err on the side of caution and assume that small polling errors - errors that would be insignificant if they were isolated - may be replicated across different locations and elections and therefore may have an impact on the overall vote.

After weeks of bitter campaigning, United States voters go to the polls today.

Democrats saw the election in equally historic terms.

Voting in Miami, Eloisa Alvarez said this election was "super important". But Pelosi brushed off such comparisons Tuesday, arguing that Clinton won the popular vote, and was handicapped by the Electoral College, which won't be a factor in House races.

"I am extremely happy with the economy", Gerlock said.

Enten warns: "Make no mistake though, the House race is still close enough that Republicans could win".

Since Donald Trump entered politics the Democrats have struggled to compete. "Trump has hijacked the election", one senior House Republican aide tells Politico.

"This is our source of strength", O'Rourke said as he cast his ballot in El Paso. The closeness of the result is such that the seven races within four points in California, Maine and Washington could be determinative. You see what's happening with them.

Other tight Senate races are in Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Tennessee and West Virginia.

Republicans are counting on Trump to rally his supporters in the closing hours to help maintain their narrow 51-to-49 seat edge in the Senate. Campaigns unfolded against a backdrop of jarring political imagery, overheated rhetoric and angry debates on immigration, health care and the role of Congress in overseeing the president. A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll indicated that the female support to him had gone further down to 38 percent.

One such race involving a woman is seen as a potential bellwether for how the day may go.

A Democratic House victory would also serve as a warning to Republican officeholders about their policies, their devotion to the president, and the brand of campaigning they have chosen this time.

Kentucky and IN are the first areas where polls will close, which will be at 6pm EST / 11pm GMT.

Mr Trump has vowed to his supporters at every rally they will "win, win, win".

But as he visited IN on Monday he conceded the House may slip from his party's grasp.

"We'll just have to work a little bit differently", he told reporters when asked how he'd live with a Democrat-controlled lower chamber.

Democrats are getting some high-profile campaigners to help them, including former President Barack Obama, who rallied voters in his home state of IL.

Just after, a gunman walked into a Pittsburgh synagogue and shot 11 worshippers dead. This is particularly true of the Senate, where each state has two seats regardless of population. If Abrams wins, she will be the first black woman to become the governor of the conservative Southern state of Georgia.

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