Camp Fire: Drone shows extent of devastation from California wildfire

Camp Fire: Drone shows extent of devastation from California wildfire

Camp Fire: Drone shows extent of devastation from California wildfire

New drone video shows the total devastation of the town of Paradise from the Camp Fire.

"A lot of people are displaced, and a lot of people don't know we're looking for them", Butte County Sheriff and Coroner Kory Honea said late Thursday.

Authorities compiled the list by going back to listen to all the dispatch calls they received since the fire started, to make sure they didn't miss anyone.

The Camp Fire also stands as one of the deadliest US wildfires since the 19th century.

Rescue workers searched on Friday for 630 people reported missing in a northern California town reduced to ashes by the deadliest wildfire in state history.

The fire turned the hard-hit town of Paradise into ash and debris and also devastated the nearby communities of Magalia and Concow.

A sheriff's deputy recovers the remains of a Camp Fire victim from an overturned vehicle in Paradise, Calif. With approaching flames and immovable traffic, her evacuation with her daughter was so harrowing that she called Eric to say they were going to die. Crews battling the fire were hoping for a help from the weather on Thursday with light onshore winds expected to bring slightly cooler temperatures and higher humidity levels.

At the vast shelter parking lot, evacuees from California's deadliest fire wonder if they still have homes, if their neighbors are still alive - and where they will go when their place of refuge shuts down in a matter of days.

Officials say they do not expect to fully contain the blaze - which has razed 145,000 acres (56,600 ha) - until the end of the month. That's larger than the cities of Chicago and Boston combined.

More than 9,000 personnel from many USA states are fighting that blaze, as well as the Woolsey Fire hundreds of miles to the south.

Though some healthy adults could benefit from wearing them, the face masks offer too much of a false sense of security and they would need to be fitted specifically for each person, Beilenson said.

It's unclear what will be done if people don't leave Sunday, but city officials don't plan to kick them out, said Betsy Totten, a Chico spokeswoman.

Some of the names on the Butte County list appear a few times and it's not clear if any are duplicates.

He stressed that the number of the missing would most likely fluctuate.

The Northern California fire that began a week earlier obliterated the town of Paradise. But Gates couldn't find her.

Adding to the misery for evacuees, officials reported a suspected outbreak of norovirus at a shelter in Chico. "Checking around the residences. our mission is to find the victims from this fire, recover them and get them identified and notify the families to give them some answers".

"We're asking people to call us if they do come in contact with their loved one so that we don't spend time looking for somebody that's already found", Collins said.

"I just want to go home", Kaksonen said.

"We just had 10% of our county's housing stock erased in one day; it's hard to convey the significance of that", he said. A section of the store's parking lot was roped off for use as a distribution center for clothes, food and coffee, while people who fled their homes set up dozens of tents in an adjacent field or slept in their cars in the parking lot.

"I think he should come, and hopefully help people and not put everybody down", he said. "We've always known this isn't a long-term solution".

One of the selling points of Paradise was its affordable housing, but that's been erased, Mayer said.

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