Fiancee of crash victim makes wedding photos: We would have to do

Fiancee of crash victim makes wedding photos: We would have to do

Fiancee of crash victim makes wedding photos: We would have to do

737 MAX 8 crashed offshore of Indonesia last week killing all 189 people on board, the company referred operators of the aircraft to the plane's operation manual for procedures to deal with possible erroneous input from a sensor created to prevent the aircraft from going into a stall.

Zwingli Silalahi, the Indonesian airline's operational director, said the manual did not tell pilots that in certain situations, the plane's stall-prevention system could automatically trigger a response, such as lowering the airplane's nose, to prevent or exit a stall.

The deliveries data came a day after Bloomberg News reported that USA pilot unions said they hadn't been notified or properly trained on a new safety system for the Max.

In this case, an AOA malfunction could cause the plane's computers to detect a stall incorrectly and put the plane into a dive when it should climb instead.

An Indonesian woman fulfilled the last wish of her fiance who was among the 189 Lion Air crash victims.

Boeing "also trails on deliveries of its high-margin MAX aircraft, which affect profit disproportionately, with the plane accounting for 37% of the total vs. guidance of 40-45%", Ferguson says.

In its report, ST said that Rio worked at Bakti Timah hospital in Pangkal Pinang, the same place where Intan works in the finance department.

According to sources at two airlines operating the MAX series, the system in question is called Maneuvering Characteristic Augmentation (MCAS) and is meant to improve pitch response at high angles of attack. The agency said it would take further action if results of the investigation into the Lion Air crash warrant it.

According to Muilenburg, the company spends "thousands of hours of testing and evaluating and simulating" to give pilots the information they need to operate airplanes safely and he reiterated that the equipment operates correctly.

Jon Weaks, president of the pilots union at Southwest Airlines, claimed otherwise in an interview with the WSJ: "We're pissed that Boeing didn't tell the companies, and the pilots didn't get notice". "Safety remains our top priority and is a core value for everyone at Boeing".

The oversight has since been corrected by Boeing - but not in time to potentially help the pilots of the ill-fated Lion Air flight. But if pilots did not know exactly what system was in place, or that the data being fed into the system was wrong, their reactions could be fatally muddled, aviation experts said.

Pilots claim in separate reports that Boeing failed to provide safety disclosures that might have prevented the disaster. It does this by gathering data from the plane's pitot tube and the static port, which essentially compare differentials in the air pressure to arrive at the plane's speed and the altitude.

The couple decided on the photo shoot and the wedding dress just weeks before the ill fated Lion Air crashed in the sea of Jakarta. That plane plunged into the Java Sea, killing 189 people. "People panicked. It dropped about 400 feet", passenger Robbi Gaharu said.

Her fiance had attended a seminar in Jakarta, before heading back to their hometown in Pangkal Pinang for their wedding, according to 9 NEWS.

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