Bill Maher blasts Stan Lee's legacy

Bill Maher blasts Stan Lee's legacy

Bill Maher blasts Stan Lee's legacy

"The guy who created Spider-Man and the Hulk has died, and America is in mourning", he wrote in his post.

HBO host Bill Maher slammed deceased U.S. cartoon icon Stan Lee, who passed away on Monday, going so far as to blame him for getting Donald Trump elected.

Bill Maher riled up comic book fans on Saturday when the comedian wrote a blog post critical of Stan Lee's cultural impact.

Taking to his blog, the "Real Time with Bill Maher" host dismissively writes about fans who are in "deep, deep mourning for a man who inspired millions to, I don't know, watch a movie, I guess".

Maher criticized adults continuing to like comics, which are for kids, as a source of problems in today's culture.

"But then twenty years or so ago, something happened - adults decided they didn't have to give up kid stuff", he explained.

As Mashable's Adam Rosenberg wrote following the comic legend's November 12 death: "Lee, and through him Marvel, recognized that superheroes were still fundamentally human, capable of all the same flaws and fears as anyone else".

Naturally, those that work in the comic book industry didn't take Maher's editorial well, which they viewed as a condescending summation of their work, as well as undercutting the medium's importance to fans around the world.

Among the people objecting to that take was "The Walking Dead" star Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who called Hammer an "asshat" (in an also now-deleted tweet). "Stan's characters had soul". Maher's post was published the following morning, although it wasn't exactly much of a eulogy.

Maher concludes by admitting that he doesn't think people have "necessarily gotten stupider".

Social media users weren't quite so, well, polite. "I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart and will be working on my Twitter impulse control".

Artist Greg Capullo added to the conversation and made a joke of Maher's name.

What do y'all think, Perezcious readers?! Others praised the HBO host for getting "the entirety of comics fandom to agree on something" in their anger.

Some just used well-aimed memes like a Simpsons character under the headline, "Old man yells at cloud".

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