Manchester United vs. Young Boys - Football Match Report

Manchester United vs. Young Boys - Football Match Report

Manchester United vs. Young Boys - Football Match Report

The victory was enough to ensure Manchester United will qualify for the knockout phase of the Champions League, although they were indebted to Fellaini's sneaky handball and a goalkeeping masterclass from David de Gea.

This was billed as a chance for United to kick-start an improvement in performances, but the standard of their play after a bright opening 15 minutes was arguably the worst they have produced all season.

Just one more reason for Jose Mourinho to give his players a public lashing, tell them how worthless their lives are and lock them in a cupboard until Tuesday night's game against Young Boys.

You can checkout Mourinho's celebration in the video above.

"If you feel pressure to play matches at home where the people come to support... come on".

"The season I was not in the Champions League, I won the Europa League".

But while Fellaini was the hero at one end - and drew a weird water bottle smashing celebration from his manager - Mourinho was more impressed by David de Gea's heroics at the other end.

The relief around Old Trafford when Fellaini turned to fire his effort through the legs of defender Loris Benito was so pronounced that United's emotional manager Jose Mourinho picked up and hurled the pitchside drinks holder to the ground.

"I would say if we have him for the Christmas period - where we need, if possible, every player to be available for that hard period until the Newcastle match on January 2 - if we can have Victor available for that period, it will be good". "I want the team to start strong, I want the team to have a go immediately and it is a bit frustrating".

Shaw, Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Jesse Lingard were named by the United boss in a interview with U.S. Spanish-language outlet Univision last week but the England full-back says he has not taken it to heart.

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