Amazon digs into cloud hardware with on-prem racks, data center processors

Amazon digs into cloud hardware with on-prem racks, data center processors

Amazon digs into cloud hardware with on-prem racks, data center processors

"Improving patient care through technology is a passion we share with our healthcare IT and ecosystem customers", Amazon informatics and machine learning experts Taha Kass-Hout, M.D., M.S., and Matt Wood, Ph.D., said in a blog post announcing the service. "AWS DeepRacer and the DeepRacer League gives them the opportunity to discover reinforcement learning in a hands-on fashion and then proceed to build, train, and tune reinforcement learning models and deploy them into their autonomous model racing cars", said Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President, Amazon Machine Learning. Ethereum is a popular platform that facilitated the majority of Initial Coin Offering in the crypto market. "You will be able to run Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Amazon Elastic Block Store on Outposts".

Reinforcement learning is a powerful type of deep learning capable of optimizing decisions in complex environments without requiring any labeled training data in order to achieve a long term goal.

AWS is building out its new Ground Station network with an initial pair of hubs with the intent to have 12 in operation by the middle of next year, Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr said in an AWS blog post.

Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth creates highly accurate training data sets, saves time and complexity, and reduces costs by up to up to 70 percent when compared to human annotation. AWS will also make Neo available as an open source project.

AWS also showcased the increasingly influential role of AI in traditional auto races during the conference.

Finally, for developers who want to build intelligent features into their applications but don't have machine learning experience, AWS has significantly expanded its AI services.

Amazon Comprehend Medical uses natural language processing to simplify the process of using machine learning to extract pertinent information from unstructured medical text, such as medical notes, prescriptions, interview transcripts, and pathology and radiology reports. You can imagine the ML use cases. The fully autonomous race vehicle uses reinforcement learning models from SageMaker and allows the developers to race against each other for prizes in their own DeepRacer League. During his developer-oriented keynote Amazon CTO Werner Vogels announced that AWS would offer a managed version of that service, which removes a lot of the heavy lifting companies need to do to get Kafka working in their apps.

Missing the mark with a forecast can have a significant impact, such as being unable to meet customer demand or significantly over-spending.

Kurt Marko, an independent technology analyst told Computerworld UK: "Symbolically, Outposts is another acknowledgement by AWS that most enterprises want or need to split workloads and data between on-premise systems and public cloud services". "It is expected to be a precursor to them suppling end-to-end services from PCs and smartphones to servers over time, much like they expanded in the retail space". NAB is building a data lake on AWS using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Athena to ingest, analyze, and take action on customer preferences gleaned from petabytes of satisfaction data in minutes rather than months.

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