Scottish council leaders give backing to Brexit People’s Vote

Scottish council leaders give backing to Brexit People’s Vote

Scottish council leaders give backing to Brexit People’s Vote

Ex-Universities and Science Minister Sam Gyimah likens the agreement to a soccer match where the opposing team is the both referee and rule-maker.

She added: "The focus of myself and the Government is on the vote taking place on December 11".

He continued: "If this deal is rejected in the Commons, we are left with... an alternative: no deal or no Brexit at all".

The MP conceded that Mrs May's deal "has been hard won", but says "at its heart, all the big decisions in the political declaration that will shape our future in Europe, and the world, are yet to be agreed".

The agreement ratified by European Union leaders last weekend came more than two years after a United Kingdom referendum in which 52 percent of those who cast ballots voted to leave the bloc.

May has said if lawmakers in parliament's House of Commons reject the agreement it could see the world's fifth-largest economy leaving the bloc without a deal, or not leaving at all. Leaders from the Group of 20 industrialized nations are meeting in Buenos Aires.

Writing on his Facebook, the East Surrey MP said: "After careful consideration and reflection, I can not support the Government's deal and as such, I have tended my resignation as Universities and Science Minister". His resignation came after May said Britain was abandoning efforts to retain full access to the EU's Galileo satellite navigation system after Brexit.

"I believe as a country we could really prosper outside the European Union, I believe there will be opportunities for us outside the EU that there aren't as a member of the EU, but a divided country is not a country that prospers", she said. She said Britain would develop its own sat-nav system, at an estimated cost of several billion pounds (dollars). And the position around which backbench MPs may coalesce is increasingly likely to be one she says she hates - such as another plebiscite.

In a speech in Bristol, the trade secretary said that MPs needed to look beyond their current divisions and get on with delivering Brexit so that the UK's "independent trading future" can begin.

The prime minister was also asked repeatedly whether she had a back-up plan.

Speaking at the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, Abe urged May "to avoid no deal, as well as to ensure transparency, predictability as well as legal stability in the Brexit process". "That is actually a betrayal of the British people".

"Does the deal deliver 100 percent of what I wanted? No".

Under the Fixed Term Parliament Act, the opposition would have to win a vote of no confidence in the PM in the Commons and then hope the Conservatives could put together a Government which could win a second vote, in which case a general election would be called. "In politics, as in life, you can't always get everything that you want".

On Thursday, the Bank of England (BoE) warned that such an eventuality could drag the United Kingdom into a recession and cause GDP to fall by up to eight percent, echoing countless other warnings about Britain crashing out of the EU.

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