Michael Cohen's Sentencing Memorandum Released

Michael Cohen's Sentencing Memorandum Released

Michael Cohen's Sentencing Memorandum Released

Cohen's lawyers - Guy Petrillo and Amy Lester - said Cohen and his family have faced threats of physical harm, which have been referred to authorities.

"Michael's decision to cooperate and take full responsibility for his own conduct well reflects his personal resolve, notwithstanding past errors, to re-point his internal compass true north toward a productive, ethical and thoroughly law abiding life", Cohen's lawyers wrote in the memorandum, noting that he'd "participated in seven voluntary interviews with the Special Counsel's Office" so far.

Michael Cohen is scheduled to be sentenced on December 12.

Besides his cooperation with Mueller, Cohen has also provided the NY state attorney general's office with documents "concerning a separate open inquiry", the lawyers wrote.

Peskov - who said he never talked to Cohen personally - was also asked to respond to those that struggle to believe a contact with Cohen - then a lawyer for a US presidential candidate - would come to nothing, as he suggested.

On Thursday, Cohen added an additional guilty plea, admitting that he lied to Congress about an ultimately unsuccessful effort to build a Trump building in Russian Federation.

The government will file their response to the submission next week.

The Cohen memo offered no new revelations about alleged misconduct involving the president, but it shed new light on Cohen's role in the various investigations being conducted into Trump and his inner circle. He also met with the NY attorney general's office, which is investigating the Donald Trump Foundation.

In July, a report by The New York Times revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had recordings of President Trump discussing hush money payments for a former Playboy model Karen McDougal.

Included in the defense submission were over three dozen letters from Cohen's friends and family.

A prosecutor from Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office told a judge on November 30 that prosecutors have not yet decided whether to file new charges against Manafort. "I pray and beg, beg and pray that you won't take my oxygen away from me".

The new filing suggests in the clearest language yet the extent to which Cohen kept Trump informed of his efforts to move the project to build a Trump Tower in Moscow forward well into June 2016, including consideration of a trip to Moscow that summer, while Trump was moving closer to becoming the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party.

The memo notably depicts Cohen as an unsophisticated and flawed man who was trying to please an exacting, demanding and powerful boss - Trump.

Cohen does not claim he was instructed by Trump to lie to Congress.

The report states "his false statement to Congress - which Cohen pleaded guilty to on Thursday - was based on Trump and his team's efforts to "portray contact with Russian representatives" by Trump, his campaign or his company 'as having effectively terminated before the Iowa caucuses of February 1, 2016, '" Politico reports.

Cohen's upcoming sentencing will cover all of the counts to which he's pleaded guilty.

"Michael regrets that his vigor in promoting Client-1's interests in the heat of political battle led him to abandon good judgment and cross legal lines", they added.

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