Michelle Obama is no fan of Sheryl Sandberg’s "Lean In" manifesto

Michelle Obama is no fan of Sheryl Sandberg’s

Michelle Obama is no fan of Sheryl Sandberg’s "Lean In" manifesto

The former first lady also talked about the importance of the Duchess choosing something she felt passionate about.

Michelle Obama inadvertently swore at a public event in NY and people seem to be losing their minds in unbridled joy over the outburst.

During her husband Barack Obama's time in office, Michelle pioneered a number of initiatives during her eight years in the White House, with a special focus on children's nutrition and health.

Former first lady Michelle Obama stunned a crowd with the words she chose to criticize a popular feminist narrative during a speech Sunday. Both professionally and personally, she is an idol to so many of us, but in her book, she details how she and Barack Obama went to marriage counseling, and she spoke at Barclays about finding balances of power.

When he told her he wanted to run for president, she admitted: "Deep down I was going, 'There's no way you're going to win".

Upon hearing her utter a profanity, the packed 19,000-seat arena lost it, erupting in cheers and laughter. Many on the left and media praised her for the outburst.

The Twitterverse went spiraling after Obama spewed the "s" word. "I forgot where I was for a moment!", she said.

Mr Obama said that Ms Dunham was "the one who taught me about hard work".

Obama quickly cut herself off and apologized to the room for getting too comfortable onstage.

Michelle Obama weighs in on the idea of 'leaning in': 'That s--t doesn't work' - NY Daily News
Michelle Obama tells London school she still has imposter syndrome

Obama recounts in the interview how she struggled to keep up with life in the White House.

Obama's "Becoming" is flying off the shelves. She joked that Barack was "a little jealous" of her book's success. Feminists have slammed Sandberg for allegedly downplaying sexism in the workplace and elsewhere and unfairly blaming women for their shortcomings.

Busy: The author has been on tour promoting her NY bestseller, Becoming. "Lean In has the potential to be an important book if a wider range of women than those reflected in its pages start hashing out Sandberg's best ideas".

Obama recalled the challenges her husband faced before being elected president but did not dwell on life under the current president, Donald Trump, except to say that she is "hopeful". "I think it's okay - it's good even - to do that ..."

#MeToo stories have "revealed a staggering, industry-spanning problem with workplace misogyny", Seltzer wrote, adding that telling women, not workplaces, to change "has suffered what may amount to a death blow this year". Sandberg has been under scrutiny following a New York Times report last month that she had played an active role in a campaign to discredit Facebook's critics.

"As a wife, mother, entrepreneur and philanthropic leader...." But after a while, I realized that I had every reason to be in those environments.

Michelle Obama has one major piece of advice for Meghan Markle.

Michelle admitted that when she was a teenager, she wasn't sure if other girls anxious about the same things that she and her friends did.

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