Fortnite Creative is a Massive Sandbox Mode Coming This Week

Fortnite Creative is a Massive Sandbox Mode Coming This Week

Fortnite Creative is a Massive Sandbox Mode Coming This Week

The new mode that's set to be part of the game's seventh season, is focused on creativity as opposed to battling. In fact, Sweeney mentions that the store will be open to a lot more games and more platforms in 2019.

The fact this leak comes from Apple's App store as opposed to a fuzzy off-screen Reddit post is also encouraging, and fans can be fairly confident that this leak is pretty legit. In today's Fortnite teaser, there's what looks to be a tiny airplane, which could be something revealed with tomorrow's release.

The truth is, Epic Games does make plenty of money from the feature, which charges players a small fee to unlock each dance for their character.

Fortnite was already heavily inspired by Minecraft (especially its Save the World PvE mode), but Creative brings the game even closer to the indie hit that inspired it.

For the first week, only those players who purchase a Season Seven Battlepass will have access to the new mode; from 13 December, it will be free for all. Season seven is set to begin on December 6. However, only time will tell whether we can expect the store to be sustainable with the current model. "3 days to Season 7", the first teaser tweet reads.

Whilst the second warned: "A frigid day dawns".

Epic Games to undercut Valve with own PC games store
Epic Games confirms it's launching its own store

The concept of this store is similar to Valve's Steam and EA's Origin - the Epic Games Store will feature a list of curated titles from different developers.

Then, on the second poster, we could see what looked like a zipline being used.

Epic's chart detailing its revenue split for sales on its new Epic Games online store.

A new Creative Mode will hopefully be coming in Season 7, allowing players to make their own personal islands and host private Battle Royale matches.

As Eurogamer reports, Creative mode will enable Fortnite players to arrange a number of pre-constructed assets onto the map, to form obstacle courses, forts, out-of-town shopping villages, whatever takes your fancy (and works best with your imagination). There's a brooding hooded figure, some sort of black ice monster and a beefy Santa Claus for players to mess around with.

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