Jeb Bush: President Trump ‘Couldn’t Have Been Nicer’ After Father Died

Jeb Bush: President Trump ‘Couldn’t Have Been Nicer’ After Father Died

Jeb Bush: President Trump ‘Couldn’t Have Been Nicer’ After Father Died

America's final farewell to George H.W. Bush shifted to Texas on Thursday, with his friend and former Secretary of State James Baker addressing him as "Jefe", Spanish for "boss", and celebrating him as a president with "the courage of a warrior but the greater courage of a peacemaker".

Her grandfather, she said, was heartbroken when his wife of 73 years died.

Mr Bush then continued down the row, shaking hands with former president Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton, and former president Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn.

A former Bush associate told Politico that the service "will be about the celebration of the noble public service that George H.W. Bush gave". We never got to hear the poem but Cuomo did say, "You know, there is a beauty to life that sometimes transcends what's obvious and angry in the moment". Ostensibly, that's because the family already had a ready-made former president waiting in the wings: the fallen leader's son, whose eulogy collapsed briefly into tears as he imagined his father reunited with his late wife Barbara and daughter Robin, lost to leukemia in 1953. "In our grief, I just smile knowing that dad is hugging Robin, and holding mom's hand again", he said. He said that Bush's wish for a "kinder, gentler nation" was genuine, not cynical.

Trump ordered the federal government closed Wednesday for a national day of mourning.

They were fellow World War II veterans, Republican Party leaders, fierce rivals for the 1988 Republican presidential nomination won by Bush ("Stop lying about my record", Dole snapped at Bush) and skilled negotiators.

Later on Wednesday, a plane carrying the body of Bush, who died last week in Texas aged 94, landed in Houston where there will be a funeral service on Thursday at St. Martin's Episcopal Church.

Trump in turn has been effusive in his praise of Bush since his death Friday, and paid respects Monday night at the U.S. Capitol, where the 41st president is lying in state.

His son, ex-President George W Bush, is to deliver one of the eulogies. His opponent Bill Clinton coasted to victory.

She said Bush believed "service was all important and conveyed that to his children". "And Trump might have half-expected, if not outright welcomed, such a rejection, as it would have given him an opening to abrasively tweet about the Bush legacy, employing Trump's patented Twitter formula: insulting nickname, distracting punctuation, malapropism, logical fallacy, self-own, hit send".

The state funeral of the late president which is taking place at the Washington National Cathedral today has seen many political figures arrive to pay their respects.

"Bush personified noblesse oblige; Trump is an avatar of the lowest common denominator", he explained.

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