Google Assistant Audio News Feed Rolls Out To Users

Google Assistant Audio News Feed Rolls Out To Users

Google Assistant Audio News Feed Rolls Out To Users

Google will curate news from a number of major outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Associated Press, NBC and USA Today. The same artificial intelligence that powers the Google News app is coming to Assistant.

Audio news on the Google Assistant has started to roll out to a "limited number of people" in the U.S., with publishers from around the world who produce English-language content invited to sign up and submit feeds for inclusion.

Audio journalism requires new capabilities and workflows for both print publishers and broadcasters, whether it's adding a sound booth or segmenting larger broadcasts into shorter stories.

Google has announced a new update to the Assistant that will make it better at telling you the news you care about.

San Francisco: Google has partnered with some of the top news organisations and publishers to let people listen to curated, customised and long-form news stories via its Google Assistant-enabled smart home speakers.

However, there were some caveats to this - aside from your chosen station's political leaning, you couldn't really choose the exact kind of news you wanted to ingest on a daily basis, and you were also at the mercy of the station's schedule and ads.

The prototype is now open for news organisations that would like to participate.

What do you think of this new feature? After that, Assistant will select a few longer, more detailed stories. And if you don't like what's playing, you can always ask the Assistant to jump to the next story.

Here is the content guidelines for this audio news format.

The experience will first roll out to "a limited number of people" in the United States. The company is also inviting interested media publishers to join the project.

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