Microsoft is Bringing its Edge Web Browser to Mac

Microsoft is Bringing its Edge Web Browser to Mac

Microsoft is Bringing its Edge Web Browser to Mac

It's official: Microsoft is rebuilding its Edge browser with Google's open-source Chromium platform, moving away from its proprietary EdgeHTML engine.

In addition, the company says Microsoft Edge will now be delivered and updated for all supported versions of Windows, not just on Windows 10 where Edge is standard, as well as eventually coming to macOS.

Over the next year, Edge will join the army of browsers based on the open-source Chromium project, including Google's Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Yandex, Brave and others.

Despite being the built-in browser on Windows 10, which is installed on around 700 million active devices, Edge owns just a tiny fraction of the desktop browsing market.

The code for Google Chromium, the platform behind the popular Chrome browser, will be used to make Microsoft's browser more stable and compatible with different operating systems - including Apple's Mac OS - the Seattle firm hopes. The move will also help web developers by eliminating the need to even consider how their pages will look on Microsoft's default browser, as they should behave almost identical to Chrome.

If you're the type who likes to get eyes on beta versions of software before it hits the masses, there's also an Insider Program for the Edge browser.

Unknown was whether Microsoft would keep the Edge name or give the browser a new name and whether the user interface between Edge and Anaheim would differ. Practically all modern websites are optimized for Chrome because it's the category leader, while comparatively few are specifically built with Edge in mind.

Far more radical, however, is the notion that this browser-in-the-making would replace Edge entirely, which the report suggests. But the browser has failed at its objective, to create a Microsoft-built browser that could compete with the likes of Chrome and Firefox.

According to the United States technology website The Verge, Microsoft will announce its Chromium navigation plan as soon as possible to improve compatibility with the Windows network. An Edge based on Chromium's Blink engine could go a long way toward drawing in more users and resolving numerous complaints about Edge. Expect to see the UI updated and other features added during 2019 as the company looks to ramp up development of the new browser.

In the announcement post on Windows blog, the company iterated the fact that over the past years it has been contributing more and more to the open source community.

Microsoft has given Edge numerous advantages in the war on retention.

Is this a good thing for us?

Beard concedes that Microsoft's move makes sense from a business standpoint, as it may not be profitable to continue fighting Google's stranglehold on the overall web experience.

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