Faulty tampons recalled across Canada, U.S.

Faulty tampons recalled across Canada, U.S.

Faulty tampons recalled across Canada, U.S.

In some cases, users have had to seek medical attention to remove pieces left in the body, according to the company.

The company also received "a small number of reports" of infections, vaginal irritation, localized vaginal injury and other symptoms.

The tampons under the recall were manufactured between October 7, 2016, and October 16, 2018, and distributed between October 17, 2018, and October 23, 2018.

Kimberly-Clark said in a press release that it was a "quality-related defect" affecting the U by Kotex Sleek regular absorbency tampons produced over two years - between October 7, 2016 and October 16, 2018.

In a release, Kimberly-Clark says that the regular absorbency tampons, sold throughout the U.S. and Canada, are being recalled for a "quality-related defect that could impact the performance of this product". Consumers can identify the recalled product by looking for specific lot numbers on the bottom of the package.

According to a press release, the recalled product is U by Kotex Sleek Tampons, regularly absorbency, sold throughout the US and Canada.

The company, which also produces diapers and tissues, did not immediately return a request for further elaboration.

Those who have further questions regarding the recall can contact Kimberly-Clark's consumer service team (1-888-255-3499) between 7:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday.

Anyone with symptoms from using one of the impacted products should seek medical attention, the company says.

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