Southwest flight diverted after a human heart was found onboard

Southwest flight diverted after a human heart was found onboard

Southwest flight diverted after a human heart was found onboard

Passengers on Southwest Airlines flight 3606 Sunday were shocked by a the reason why their plane, which was en route to Dallas, had to make a sudden turn and head back to its origin city of Seattle.

Southwest said the "life-critical cargo shipment" was for a hospital and had been sent by a company specializing in shipments.

During the flight on Sunday (local time), passengers were informed by the captain why the flight had to redirect, explaining that the heart had been left on board after a previous flight from Sacramento, California. Therefore, we made the decision to return to Seattle to ensure the shipment was delivered to its destination within the window of time allotted by our cargo customer.

None of the 112 passengers and five crew members were injured after Flight 278 from Oakland landed on a collapsible portion of runway, which was meant to prevent planes from sliding farther on the runway, airline spokeswoman Brandy King told CNBC.

Dr. Andrew Gottschalk, who was onboard the delayed flight, described the incident as a "horrific story of gross negligence".

But the team forgot to unload it - and simply prepared the plane for its next flight to Dallas.

Others became concerned after reading that hearts were only viable for transplant for a few hours.

While the heart was likely needed for a transplant, it is not known exactly what objective it served. It was discovered that a human heart, intended as a transplant, had been left on board.

Are organs usually transferred by commercial airlines?

. But no Seattle-area hospitals claimed to be involved, according to the paper.

"We sincerely regret the inconvenience to the customers impacted by the delay", the spokesperson said. "We only use private flights", Pliska told The Seattle Times.

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