Vulnerable nations want action at climate talks

Vulnerable nations want action at climate talks

Vulnerable nations want action at climate talks

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told delegates from more than 130 countries meeting in the city of Katowice, Poland, they had less than three days to find the political will to reach the hard compromises, sacrifices and common ground needed for a deal. "We can not afford to lose one of the twelve years we have remaining".

"This is the time for political compromises to be reached", he said.

Since 2 December, the conference has brought together thousands of climate action decision-makers, advocates and activists, with one key objective, adopting global guidelines for the 197 parties of the 2015 Paris Agreement, when countries committed to limiting global warming to less than 2°C - and as close as possible to 1.5° - above pre-industrial levels.

Gore also called out the Trump administration for joining Saudi Arabia last week in blocking the endorsement of a scientific report on the options governments have to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Ypersele called for the 1.5-degree target - mentioned in the 2015 Paris climate accord - to be recognized in the final text.

A United Nations official who was not authorized to release the information told The Associated Press that Guterres, who opened the talks last week, has returned to Katowice to encourage progress.

‎"It is very unlikely to make progress in other areas of negotiations here at COP24 unless we solve, or at ‎least foresee to solve, the financial issues".

Jennifer Morgan, the head of environmental group Greenpeace, said the current drafts contain too many loopholes to be effective, including how countries calculate the amount of emissions absorbed by trees when submitting their reports.

"There's no scientific integrity in that", Morgan said.

Regionally, it convened a number of meetings with Asean members to discuss climate change and is also supporting the South-east Asia Disaster Risk Insurance Facility to address the growing natural catastrophe protection gap in the region.

In an attempt to build momentum for stronger action, the 47-strong bloc of Least Developed Countries joined with a couple dozen other nations to revive the so-called High Ambition Coalition that help push the Paris treaty across the finish line.

‎"We have important issues to deal with during the negotiations to sort out the differences ‎between the countries as part of the efforts to finalise the Paris Agreement Work Programme", Minister Fouad ‎added.‎. "Now we have to secure this achievement", said Svenja Schulze, Germany's environment minister.

"I do not want my granddaughters or anybody else's to suffer the consequences of our failures", he said, "They would not forgive us if uncontrolled and spiraling climate change would be our legacy to them". "It would not only be immoral, it would be suicidal".

U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres has flown back to Poland in an effort to support struggling talks on ways of fighting climate change.

Guterres said that while he and most people in the room wouldn't be alive by the end of the century, children alive today would be.

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