Jennifer Lopez drops new music video featuring her daughter

Jennifer Lopez drops new music video featuring her daughter

Jennifer Lopez drops new music video featuring her daughter

It escalated from there until J.Lo was on her feet giving the full body gestures and it escalated into the kind of bickering fight anyone with a best friend recognizes all too well.

She's a singer, dancer, actress and most recently, a director.

It quickly becomes apparent the 10-year-old cutie is the spitting image of her mum.

Speaking in a preview clip for her appearance on Sunday's TODAY, she said: "While I was married to Marc, he really helped me with my confidence, and he saw where I suffered". "When he saw it he was like 'I felt inadequate because of that.' He's one of the greatest baseball players of all time who has made some of the biggest contracts, but it's not about that, you can feel inadequate being measured up to others due to their privilege and intelligence". "It's not so much about falling in love with Prince Charming, it's about falling in love with yourself and your life and realizing that you have to be the love of your life". "So [I'm] definitely learning the balance game".

"Cute" might sound like a tepid endorsement, but it's the quickest way to describe "Second Act", an old-fashioned star vehicle for Jennifer Lopez.

"[It was] awesome, so much fun, but also terrifying". Thankfully, Lopez and Hudgens in particular do seem to feel something about their characters to keep us mildly curious where this whole thing will land them, but I had forgotten most of the details about this movie within hours of seeing it. "But [it] was unbelievable".

Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini need to do more projects together, if only so we can see them try and do impressions of one another again, as they did on "The Late Late Show" Wednesday night.

Jennifer Lopez learned a long time ago that in the entertainment business you can't just sit around waiting for opportunities, you have to make them for yourself. "That also bonded us, I think". "It's making me talk like I've had a couple of drinks".

There's humor along the way and Lopez's significant other is played by Ventimiglia, but don't be mistaken-Second Act is not a romantic comedy. It's like in those moments where your life is changing and you don't know where you're going, that's real life. Hell, as I'm writing the end of this review, I've nearly forgotten what movie I'm writing about.

Jennifer Lopez appears on "Popcorn with Peter Travers" at ABC News studios in New York City, Dec. 12, 2018. Assuming moviegoers come with modest expectations, "Second Act" possesses enough smarts - book, street or otherwise - to surround its appealing lead with a veritable buffet of narrative options.

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