Black Mirror's 'Bandersnatch' is here and Twitter is not OK

Black Mirror's 'Bandersnatch' is here and Twitter is not OK

Black Mirror's 'Bandersnatch' is here and Twitter is not OK

This guy also happens to be a programmer working on Bandersnatch, an adventure game based on a fictional book by author Jerome F. Davies.

One of the choices is incredibly meta, however. Make the wrong choice, and it will cost you. Not even close. Officially titled Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, the episode is being referred to as the first Netflix Interactive Film for adults, building off technology previously used for childrens content like Puss in Boots: Trapped in an Epic Tale.

The magazine also reports that there are more than one trillion different versions of the story, but majority don't actually affect the outcome of Stefan's life.

"When they first suggested to us the notion of doing an interactive story, we smiled and nodded", said Brooker, laughing, recalling the moment Netflix pitched the idea to him and his executive producer, Annabel Jones. Choose for yourself. "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" is now streaming on Netflix. Think of it like Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow - endlessly trying the same path over and over again to reach the right outcome, recognizing the Sisyphean journey he's being taken on.

There have been reported doing the round that the Bandersnatch movie will be five-hour long.

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Asim Chaudhry appears as a boss or co-worker to Whitehead and Poulter's characters.

As the film begins, viewers are invited to make seemingly trivial choices that determine which breakfast cereal lead character Stefan eats or what music he listens to on the bus. Slade is no stranger to the Black Mirror universe, having directed last season's Metalhead. Since this is a Black Mirror production, the lines between fantasy and reality are soon horrifyingly blurred.

In typical "Black Mirror" style, Netflix has only released vague details about the plot. Will you be watching the movie this weekend? A fifth season has been in production in 2018, yet it's unclear when the other episodes will be released.

Reps from Netflix also hinted to the paper that it has a few more interactive shows in the works.

Are you excited for Bandersnatch?

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