Google to Shift Messages Web App from to

Google to Shift Messages Web App from to

Google to Shift Messages Web App from to

Android is synonymous to Google in the mobile world.

In simple terms, what this commit does is tell Chromebooks to stop using the URL and use the URL in versions 72 or 73 of Chrome OS which include the “Better Together” features for integrating Android and Chrome OS.

Google is planning to shift its Messages Web app - which allows users to manage SMS/ MMS messages on their phone from another device - from to, a media report said, citing changes to Chrome OS. As of now, does not exist, moreover, with this change in the Chromium source code, the page might also go live very soon. The company recently renamed many of its apps with the Android moniker like Android Pay, Android Messages and Android Wear to Google Pay, Messages and Wear OS, respectively.

The QR code for Messages for the web is unique to your computer and pairs the mobile app to that computer. We expect Google to use both URLs for some time so that the transition is smooth, and the users are not confused. All functionalities like text, stickers, and images are supported by this web client.

Android has been one of Google's mainstays for many years now, but over the past few years we have seen the tech giant is slowly moving away from its Android branding.

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