Slightly Mad Studios CEO details Mad Box console

Slightly Mad Studios CEO details Mad Box console

Slightly Mad Studios CEO details Mad Box console

Slightly Mad Studios is best known for the racing series Project CARS, but now the company is moving beyond the checkered flags and into the world of console development.

In terms of games available, Bell also told Variety that there would be no exclusive games for the Mad Box "We think exclusives are "exclusionary".we have no plans to pay developers "incentives" to exclude other hardware vendors". With VR being at the forefront of the Mad Box's ambitions, it could be a dark horse in the three company console race. Instead, Bell says that the price of the machine will be "competitive" with "upcoming" consoles, which he presumably hopes will make it appealing to publishers and developers.

For many years, the PlayStation and Xbox have been the go-to consoles for serious gamers, but a newcomer wants to change that. If the Mad Box won't be here for another three years, we probably won't get any solid specification details for a while yet.

For those that missed the initial reveal, the founder of Slightly Mad Dog Studios tweeted out a simple "The Mad Box is coming".

In a unusual twist of fate, Slightly Mad Studios is making a games console aimed at the 4K gaming market. Well, it looks like the success of Nintendo Switch has inspired Slightly Mad Studios to announce their own gaming console that is scheduled to launch during the upcoming future.

The console world has seen a lot of competition. On Twitter, Bell claimed the console will offer 4K and VR at 60 frames per second (FPS).

"We think exclusives are "exclusionary, ' but given that we'll be shipping a cross-platform engine to all developers it will be their choice".

Slightly Mad Studios are still in early talks with manufacturers of components and have confirmed they have the "designs specced out in detail". It hopes to have images of early design builds for the console in about four to six weeks, and it's in talks with investors interested in funding the project. It's literally "Mad"... You want 4k, you want VR at 60FPS?

How will the Mad Box compare to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two?

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