Mad Box Console: What We Know So Far

Mad Box Console: What We Know So Far

Mad Box Console: What We Know So Far

On Friday, the company's CEO revealed the first images of the system.

Ian Bell, following the release of the images, continued to engage with the community by answering further questions about the upcoming Mad Box, which he says is about "3.5 years" away.

Bell also made sure to mention that he blurred the internals of each Mad Box unit as discussions on the internal components are still ongoing.

With the curiosity aroused, Bell padded all that as well when he revealed concept images via his fairly new Twitter account.

Still, the design looks ultra modern and very slick, however, its vertical posture puts it more in line with a PC and less so with a traditional console in a visual sense.

Slightly Mad Studios is unleashing a new game console called the Mad Box Console, forecasted to come out in three and a half years. We originally said the Mad Box would essentially be a Steam-box system that plays PC games due to necessity, especially since established devs and publishers would likely stick to PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch until the Mad Box proves itself (if it even can). The tweet claims it will, among other things, be capable of 4K and VR.

This seems like a better attempt at entering the console market than Soulja Boys' recent push, but it seems rather ambitious to our mind.

The Slightly Mad Studios motif is also conspicuously emblazoned on one side of the console matching the colour of the "m", naturally.

When it comes to games on the console, Bell wrote, "We think exclusives are "exclusionary" but given that we'll be shipping a cross platform engine to all developers it will be their choice". Promising as it may sound, Slightly Mad Studios may have their work cut out for them until an actual gaming console unit is seen in the open.

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