Microsoft wants a world without passwords, starting with Windows 10

Microsoft wants a world without passwords, starting with Windows 10

Microsoft wants a world without passwords, starting with Windows 10

For the next version of Windows 10, the company wants to make logins easier and more secure by getting rid of pesky passwords and replacing them with codes.

Three and a half years after being released, Windows 10 has finally toppled Windows 7's to become the most popular desktop operating system on the planet. To that end, the latest build introduces a "cool feature". After creating a password-less account, users can immediately sign in to Windows via SMS codes.

No clear pattern was established, but according to Microsoft itself, the same bug was believed to be causing Start menu problems too, including a full reset of the customizations that users did after installing the previous 19H1 build. Microsoft's last major release was the Windows 10 October update with a bunch of features. That will likely now continue to be the trend, with Windows 10 steadily growing its share as more users upgrade away from Windows 7 through buying new hardware. Smartphones paved the way for thumbprint scanners, which have since become relatively common on laptops as well. The Narrator Home navigation has also been improved. You'll have to use the one-time code only when you are signing in on a new PC. Passwords have been a big part of our digital lives.

Actually getting a passwordless phone number account is a bit convoluted at present.

Microsoft has been working on new accessibility tricks for some time now, and Narrator has witnessed a raft of improvements in this build. Biometric security can be fooled by prosthetics or, in some cases, even just photographs of someone's thumbprint or face. Microsoft will send a unique passcode to the phone - similar to two-step verification process. Passwords have stronger legal protections than biometric authenticators, too, at least in the U.S.

In Microsoft's defense, the feature might come in handy for average Joes and Janes who may think it's cool to set up their PC with their voice.

Elsewhere in Build 18309 of the Win 10 Insider Preview, Microsoft is adding its streamlined PIN reset experience to all versions of Windows 10, while also pushing people towards password-less sign-on options with the expansion of Windows 10 phone number accounts across all versions of Win 10.

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