Heres the first look at final season of Game of Thrones

If fans were hoping that the Stark girls and Daenerys would team up in an epic display of girl power, they might be disappointed with the new footage.

It shows Daenerys Targaryen approaching Jon Snow and Sansa Stark in Winterfell, the Kingdom that the Starks have ruled for thousands of years. "Winterfell is yours, your grace", she says. It's also possible she's maneuvering, attempting to figure out what the next best move for her family will be. Littlefinger, as good as he was at playing the game, failed to realize Sansa's progression and underestimated her, and we all know how that ended up for him. To me, it feels like she was encouraged, perhaps in a heavy-handed manner, by Jon Snow. It's as if she had to be convinced of her new brother's love interest suddenly showing up and taking captaincy of the ship Sansa herself just finished righting. Whatever the case, the two are clearly sizing one another up.

The television network took the chance to showcase their line-up for 2019 - their existing and new shows - and the sneak peek had their fans excited. "Then comes another, younger, more handsome, to cast you down and take all you hold dear", the witch told a young Cersei in a flashback scene from season 5. We can't say a lot, but we can say Dany isn't at Dragonstone anymore. He bent the knee.

It is interesting that Sansa should acquiesce so easily, though. But you can bet that when they do eventually find out, it's going to be one super awkward conversation. Unlike the previously released Season 8 teaser, which was cool but was pretty much just a map of Westeros, this one shows a fairly significant moment.

Since Game of Thrones' upcoming eighth season is its last, and because there are relatively few details available about said season, the meeting between the two leading ladies is a big deal.

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