De Blasio touts $100M plan to provide healthcare for all NYC residents

De Blasio touts $100M plan to provide healthcare for all NYC residents

De Blasio touts $100M plan to provide healthcare for all NYC residents

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday announced plans to launch "the largest, most comprehensive plan in the nation" to guarantee health care coverage for all city residents, including those in the country illegally.

De Blasio said the city will make NYC Care "seamless" so that "people are encouraged to get the health care they actually need and never get to the point where they end up in the emergency room". There are approximately 600,000 New Yorkers without health care coverage.

The plan, which isn't precisely a plan - details are scant on how the system will actually work - will cover everything from mental health services, to well visits, to maternity care for New Yorkers who choose to go without insurance, or who can't afford even the basic, public insurance option that New York City already offers, and aren't signed up for "Obamacare" options on the state exchange.

'We also have a way to provide direct health care to a lot of our neighbors who are undocumented, they're still part of our community and they need health care'.

De Blasio's announcement came after California's new Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom outlined a similarly ambitious health care agenda for his state, aimed at offering more benefits to illegal immigrants and protecting the embattled Affordable Care Act. But, aides said, it was something the city could do immediately and on its own.

The program is expected to cost at least $100 million a year. "But our people need healthcare right now. For people who have the ability to pay, we'll be expecting that people pay what they can".

'The Republicans in Washington have been trying to tear down health care, we're doing the opposite, ' de Blasio said.

New York City is a sanctuary city that defies USA immigration enforcement laws, protects illegal immigrants from deportation, and limits local cooperation with federal enforcement officers. I want to make sure that's really, really clear.

Funding for the new program will require no tax hikes, the mayor said. "Now, @nycmayor also wants them to pay for healthcare of 300,000 citizens of other countries. It is the most expensive way to get health care". It's going to be for the first time a guarantee of health care.

De Blasio said it will be paid for through the public health care system and he believes it will ultimately save money by preventing trips to the emergency room. Officials hope to get the program up and running within two years, and while they weren't able to project wait times for secondary physicians, they hope that participants won't have to wait more than a week or two to see a primary doctor.

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