Networks Will Air Democratic Response to Trump’s Primetime Address

Networks Will Air Democratic Response to Trump’s Primetime Address

Networks Will Air Democratic Response to Trump’s Primetime Address

They said Tuesday they will deliver their response to Trump after his address at 9 p.m. EST. Ahead of Tuesday night's speech, Trump aides went so far as to claim that 4000 suspected terrorists had been apprehended at the Southern border, forcing even he pro-administration Fox News to fact-check and say most were apprehended at airports.

The president is insisting that $US5 billion ($NZ7.4b) be included for the border wall.

Trump has reportedly considered declaring the border situation a national emergency, which could enable him to bypass congressional review and build his wall without its approval. "Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern", Trump tweeted on Monday, even as critics of the wall maintained there was no crisis, and fencing the border is a Trump obsession aimed at riling up his anti-immigration base.

Democrats have said they support increased border security measures such as additional United States border agents and technology, but have rejected the administration's claims about the security risks at the border and have raised concerns that Mr Trump will use his speech to present a false narrative.

With no breakthrough in sight, President Donald Trump is set to argue in a prime-time address that a "crisis" at the U.S. -Mexico border requires the wall he's demanding before ending the partial government shutdown.

Democrats have repeatedly slammed the proposed wall but have remained vague about counter-proposals that would curb illegal immigration.

They have also made a point of reminding Trump that his campaign promise was to have the Mexicans pay for the wall, not Americans. "But all the signs here indicate that is not what Donald Trump has in mind, and the networks have a decision to make", she said.

All major US television networks agreed to broadcast Trump's speech, prompting the Democrats to seek equal air time. There were almost 400,000 apprehensions at the border in the 2018 fiscal year, well down from the early 2000s when arrests regularly topped one million annually. "The fact is the Congress should do its job and come to the table", Pence told CBS News.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) responded to the planned speech by asserting Democrats should have airtime to respond to Trump.

Trump said Friday that some previous presidents "have told me that we should have done it".

Since Trump's inauguration, his only interaction with Obama was a quick exchange at President George H.W. Bush's funeral.

According to NBC, at least CBS, NBC, and CNN will air the Democratic response to Trump's speech.

Trump said this week that he's open to a wall of steel slats, noting experts have advised him they'd prefer the ability to see through the wall. NBC News reported on Monday that US border protection officials stopped only six immigrants in the first half of 2018 whose names were on a list of suspected terrorists, in contrast to White House claims that the number was in the thousands.

In rejecting Trump's demands, Democrats also point to the Trump administration's controversial handling of families and other migrants from Central America at the border.

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