AMD's 3rd-gen Ryzen desktop CPUs are coming in mid

AMD's 3rd-gen Ryzen desktop CPUs are coming in mid

AMD's 3rd-gen Ryzen desktop CPUs are coming in mid

In both cases, the Radeon VII was just one frame ahead at an average of 62fps on both games compared to the RTX's 61fps.

On the laptop front, AMD said on stage that it was focusing its efforts on students enrolled in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields. With a massive 16GB of 2nd gen high bandwidth memory under the hood, plus a whopping memory bandwidth of 1TB/s, this graphics card is geared up for 4K gaming at maximum settings.

AMD also used the Radeon VII as part of its demo for the third-generation desktop Ryzen parts, showing Forza Horizon 4 running consistently at over 100 FPS, again with max details. This necessitates an adjustment to AMD's product stacks and it now appears that the new performance kick may come from these new Radeon VII cards rather than exclusively from Vega price cuts. CEO Lisa Su announced the Radeon VII during AMD's CES 2019 keynote claiming the new 7nm second-generation Vega GPU can boost performance 27 to 62 percent depending on the task, has 1 terabyte/s memory bandwidth, 60 compute units operating up to 1.8GHz, and thanks to the shrink in process, the chip can squeeze 25% more performance in the same power envelope.

Here's the Radeon VII in the flesh.

AMD Radeon VII open
AMD Unveils Radeon VII, Says it Outperforms Nvidia 2080 RTX

The Radeon VII will serve as a more direct competitor to Nvidia's RTX 2080 model and will retail for the same price of $699. You can see AMD's flashy new trailer for the Radeon VII as shown in the keynote address below.

The Radeon VII will go on sale for $699 on February 7.

- Radeon 7 will have up to 30% better performance over the RX Vega 64 in content creation workloads like Blender and up to 60% better for OpenCL. That will certainly help to sweeten the deal for some people out there, as Nvidia's current RTX 2080 deal will only get you free copies of Battlefield V and Bioware's upcoming jetpack RPG, Anthem. Indeed, the chip maker has just announced its 3d gen Ryzen desktop processors, which will be the first consumers CPUs using the company's 7nm process node. Of course, I'll have to wait until the game comes out to see how the RTX 2080 fares by comparison. So, still no news as to when that little beauty is going to make an appearance, but we're still betting on Computex, around the same time as the new AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs...

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