CBBC Newsround: Walking auto that could save lives

CBBC Newsround: Walking auto that could save lives

CBBC Newsround: Walking auto that could save lives

Hyundai has unveiled Elevate, a concept vehicle blending electric auto technology and multi-terrain robotics. At CES 2019, the UMV - for Ultimate Mobility Vehicle - saw its official debut. The vehicle is an EV, but no driving range is offered. Wheels with robotic legs allow users to drive, walk or even climb over the most treacherous terrain, and make the Elevate resemble something straight out of a "Star Wars" movie.

Elevate is, in fact, a platform which can use a variety of bodies depending on its intended goal. Elevate is designed with four mechanical legs with wheels for feet and can roll along on extended legs or retract them to be driven like a auto.

Another preview, showing the concept as a city taxi, demonstrates how such technology could make it easier for passengers to travel around hard environments.

The concept combines the power of an electric vehicle and the capability of robotics to rethink where cars can travel.

The Hyundai Elevate concept fits the bill perfectly. These rather futuristic looking vehicles, that go by the name of Hyundai Cradle or Hyundai Elevate, are created to be the first "Ultimate Mobility Vehicle" (UMV).

Integrated passive suspension system to maximize battery efficiency.

However, the legs are also capable of folding up so the vehicle can be driven just like a regular auto.

One such use for the Elevate, Hyundai imagines, is to ferry search-and-rescue supplies and staff to areas affected by natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and fire, where traditional emergency services vehicles may not be able to navigate.

He then demonstrates the vehicle's ability to walk in reptilian or mammalian mode.

The company believes that the technology could be used in non-emergency situations as well, particularly helping those with disabilities.

For example, an Elevate stuck in snow on a roadside could get up and walk back to lanes of traffic, or the vehicle could be put to work exploring other planets. "The possibilities are limitless.", mentions John Suh, VP and Head, Hyundai Cradle.

David Byron, the design manager at Sundberg-Ferar, believes the concept could go where no current auto is capable of and has great potential to save lives.

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