Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos are divorcing after 25-year marriage

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos are divorcing after 25-year marriage

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos are divorcing after 25-year marriage

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, rated the world's wealthiest person, announced Wednesday on Twitter that he and his wife Mackenzie Bezos were divorcing after a long separation.

Amazon's origins trace back to a road trip that Bezos took with MacKenzie, not long after they met in NY while working at hedge fund D.E. Shaw.

Bezos and MacKenzie announced in a statement on the billionaire's Twitter that they had chose to continue their "shared lives as friends".

Bezos issued a statement on their separation, saying that "we feel incredibly lucky to have found each other and deeply grateful for every one of the years we have been married to each other".

"Jeff Bezos will focus on control of his company and will likely elect to maintain the stock and voting rights in the Amazon shares over other assets", Slotnick, who is not representing either Jeff or MacKenzie Besos, said in offering his opinion.

"There would be an argument by the attorneys that the Amazon stake is not worth as much without Bezos in control, so that would affect any settlement", Jeffrey Fisher, a divorce lawyer who has handled billionaire splits, told NBC.

The couple got engaged within three months and married within six in 1993. Then Lauren was hired to work on one of Bezos" projects, "Blue Origin, ' a space launch company, as a helicopter pilot.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and McKenzie Bezos attend the Sundance Party in Park City, Utah, Jan. 22, 2005.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie Bezos have chose to split up. The Bezos' shared fortune of $137 Billion doesn't even account for the 400,000 acres of property they own in the United States alone. Jeff was the company's vice president at the time, while MacKenzie worked as a research associate.

MacKenzie, meanwhile, has authored several novels during her career.

But with recent reports showing that divorce rates have reached their lowest in decades, what's causing couples to split after spending decades - or more - together? In practice, though, it's unlikely MacKenzie would force her husband to write a check that big, because the couple still have some common business interests. But they didn't meet each other until years later while they were both working at Wall Street firm D. E. Shaw in NY.

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