‘Super blood wolf moon eclipse’ worth howling about if weather clears

‘Super blood wolf moon eclipse’ worth howling about if weather clears

‘Super blood wolf moon eclipse’ worth howling about if weather clears

"But it's really just a full lunar eclipse".

Granted permission to stay up past his 8 p.m. bedtime, Gabriel Houging, 8, of Citrus Heights, California, is already dreaming of what he'll see. On Jan. 21 the moon will be 222,043 miles (357,344km) from Earth, which is further away than normal, so it's also a supermoon.

If you do get "clouded out", Brothers suggested marking your calendar for another astronomical event worth witnessing in 2019.

"Even if you were in the middle of Boston you can still see a full lunar eclipse", Brothers said. Many Christians believe scripture indicates a Blood Moon is a sign from God regarding the return of Christ.

Depending on local weather conditions, the public got a spectacular view looking into the sky as the moon's appearance changed from bright orange to blood red to dark brown and perhaps gray. But that last part is because of something much cooler: an eclipse.

If the skies are clear, the eclipse will be visible in North and South America, as well as Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Portugal along with the French and Spanish coasts.

"That just has to do with how close the moon is to the Earth", he said.

The moon will start to enter the earth's shadow just after 2.30am and the maximum eclipse will happen just before 5.15am. The total lunar eclipse will begin on Sunday at 11:41 p.m., lasting until 12:44 a.m. on Monday.

How long will the total lunar eclipse last?

"Those in the United Kingdom will be able to see every part of the eclipse as long as they are willing to stay up all night!"

Perhaps the most noteworthy heading is "Super Moon", a full or new moon that's within 90 percent of its closest approach to the Earth.

CBN News previously reported about Pastor John Hagee, author of the 2014 best-selling book Four Blood Moons, and his belief that throughout history blood moons have been a sign from God to the world that something big is about to happen.

Are you ready for Sunday night's "Super Blood Wolf Moon"? Sunlight passing around the outer surface of the Earth is filtered by particles in the atmosphere, casting the blood moon glow of total lunar eclipses.

Ficken and Jolliff say moon watchers will not need to use binoculars or a telescope to see the eclipse, but they can help enhance the experience. Although it being a supermoon makes it appear slightly larger in the sky, it does mean that totality lasts for less time.

Sunday's is the first of three supermoons in a row, appearing next in February and then March. January supposedly brings the Wolf Moon because Native Americans and early European settlers associated the sight with hungry wolves howling outside their villages.

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