U.S. sanctions Venezuela state-owned oil company

U.S. sanctions Venezuela state-owned oil company

U.S. sanctions Venezuela state-owned oil company

At the United Nations on Saturday, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on the worldwide community to put a stop to Venezuela's "nightmare" and start supporting Guaido. "No one can give us an ultimatum", Maduro told CNN's Turkish network.

"Venezuela is not tied to Europe".

Meanwhile, Maduro struck down calls from European countries to hold early elections within eight days.

Venezuela's competing leaders - Guaido is a 35-year-old engineer-turned-lawmaker while Maduro succeeded the late President Hugo Chavez in 2013 - are vying for support in the streets, the military and the mainstay oil industry.

"All that is happening is linked to America". Venezuelan diplomats in Washington were already returning to Caracas on Saturday, he said.

Maduro stated that they are going to overcome the problem in his country with laws and justice, and added he is "open for dialogue". "I sent many messages to Donald Trump", he said.

"It is most important now that Venezuelans themselves should settle all differences that can be between them in the framework of the constitution and the only help that all of us can offer is not to meddle in the situation like certain countries are doing directly", Peskov stressed.

Venezuela has sunk into turmoil under President Nicolas Maduro, with ongoing food shortages and daily protests amid an economic and political crisis.

The show of force was accompanied by a government publicity campaign online based on the slogan "Always Loyal, Never A Traitor", and followed a high-profile defection by the country's top military diplomat in the United States last Saturday.

Britain is yet to formally recognise Mr Guaido, but last week Jeremy Hunt, the foreign secretary, said Mr Guaido was "the right person to take Venezuela forward".

Guaido has tried to appeal to the military to convince them to back his call for free elections in Venezuela.

The warning didn't address specific groups or individuals, but Bolton noted in a linked tweet that Cuba's "support and control over Maduro's security and paramilitary forces" was well known.

In an interview with Turkish private broadcaster CNN Turk, Maduro stressed that his country has no political and diplomatic relations with the USA and described Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's remarks at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) as "the words of a falling country".

He accused Russian Federation and China of "propping up a failed regime in the hopes of recovering billions of dollars in ill-considered investments and assistance made over the years".

The ongoing trade dispute between the United States and China looks unlikely to end any time soon and the impact of the dispute on the Chinese economy is increasing.

Marc Raimondi, a spokesperson for the Department of Justice National Security Division, said his division "was not worried" about espionage threats "at this point". "The intention of the United States is to orchestrate a coup d'etat", said Russia's UN ambassador Vassily Nebenzia. Reuters news agency reported on Friday that private military contractors who do secret missions for Russian Federation flew into Venezuela to beef up security for Maduro.

Pompeo named American diplomat Elliott Abrams as the Trump administration's new special envoy to Venezuela.

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