Terrifying FaceTime bug lets you spy on the person you're calling

Terrifying FaceTime bug lets you spy on the person you're calling

Terrifying FaceTime bug lets you spy on the person you're calling

In an attempt to prevent malevolent activities taking place thanks to the latest bug, Apple has disabled Group FaceTime while it addresses the problem. Apple-tracking blog 9to5Mac found that the issue also affects video and could allow people to look at the recipient before they decide to take or ignore the FaceTime chat. Next, before they answer, swipe up and add yourself to the call. It's real. You can call someone on FaceTime and listen to their phone's mic if they don't pick up. The company, which attracted criticism from business and political leaders, said earlier on Monday that it would release a software update "later this week" to fix the bug. As an advisory it's worth, for the time being at least, completely disabling FaceTime where you can across iPhone, Mac and iPads.

If you're an iPhone user, you may want to disable the popular FaceTime app on your device. Of course, Group FaceTime was an exciting new feature brought forth in iOS 12.1, but quickly turned sour this past week. The glitch apparently appears when both the caller and the receiver are running iOS 12.1 or newer on their iPhones.

Here's how it works: an iPhone user calls someone else on FaceTime, taps Add Person and adds their own phone number. Apple issued a statement to the site, saying that a fix will be coming later this week. He said it would have been hard to use the bug to spy on someone, as the phone would ring first - and it's easy to identify who called. As if you're just - turning on a microphone at will in the room of nearly anyone you'd want to listen to.

Apple has also recently been highlighting its credentials as a company that protects user privacy, using a large billboard overlooking the CES technology trade show in Las Vegas last month to declare "what happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone".

To turn it off on a Mac, open the FaceTime app and go to FaceTime on top of the screen, then select "Turn FaceTime Off".

On an iPhone or iPad, head to Settings FaceTime and toggle FaceTime off.

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