'We're getting soft:' Gov. Bevin criticizes cold weather closings

'We're getting soft:' Gov. Bevin criticizes cold weather closings

'We're getting soft:' Gov. Bevin criticizes cold weather closings

In an interview with WHAS radio this week, Gov. Bevin said, "There's no ice going with it or any snow". I mean, what happened to America?

"This nitwit governor in Kentucky, saying that, 'Oh, we're weak!' These are kids who are going to be in sub-zero wind chills".

"Now we cancel school for cold", Bevin responded. Cancel school. Adults, if they want to be out there, that's great. These are our children.

Another teacher, Tiffany Dunn, also took to social media to share her indignation, writing, "These elitist comments don't shock me anymore, but they're still appalling".

Watch above, via MSNBC. "We're getting soft", he said repeatedly.

Matt Bevin expressed some criticism after dozens of school districts announced it would cancel classes because of the dangerously cold temperatures invading the Commonwealth.

MSN reports that the National Weather Service predicted wind chill temperatures would be between minus-15 and minus-20 degrees in Louisville Wednesday.

"It's a deep freeze", the host replied.

He also said it is "better to err on the side of being safe" and he is "being only slightly facetious". I mean, the idea that any one political election affects weather is so ridiculously preposterous.

"And that isn't reality", added Bevin, described as "one of the nation's least popular governors", with just 38 percent of Kentuckians approving of his job performance, according to polling published in December by independent firm Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy. Du Bois Academy in Louisville, challenged Bevin to "prove how "hard" he is by standing outside for 30 minutes tomorrow morning as if he were waiting for a bus with less than adequate clothing, like many of (Kentucky's students) would have been due to their lack of resources".

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