Trump wall emergency a 'good chance'

Trump wall emergency a 'good chance'

Trump wall emergency a 'good chance'

Trump indicated that to secure funding for a wall on the border with Mexico, he will declare a national emergency on 15 February, the deadline for funding talks initiated after the 35-day shutdown, the longest in USA history. The decision unilaterally to end the longest and most costly shutdown in government history was greeted with relief, but it has led to criticism from Trump's own supporters that he "caved in".

The House speaker said "of course" she'd bring the vote to the floor if the conference committee comes out with a "bipartisan consensus", however, she didn't seem to compromise on funding for a wall.

What is a national emergency?

She also said that she was open to negotiating on other points, such as border technology, but Trump has said for weeks that he wouldn't agree to anything without funding for the wall, making Pelosi's supposed openness to negotiation ring hollow. Trump has threatened another shutdown or to declare a national emergency to secure money for his promised border wall if an agreement is not reached by a February 15 deadline. Polls suggest that such a move would be "wildly unpopular", and might even encourage congressional Republicans to come to a deal without him. Democrats have proposed billions of dollars for border security, but no money for a wall. "She knows that you need a barrier".

On CBS, Trump accused his political rival of being "very bad for our country". "Human trafficking. And we're going to have a strong border".

"I think she's very bad for our country", Trump said when asked what he learned in his negotiations with Pelosi.

In his third prime-time address to the nation from the House chambers, Trump will call on Congress to work with him on initiatives around infrastructure and health care, while also reaffirming his strategy to toughen immigration enforcement, confront China on trade and actively intervene in the political upheaval in Venezuela, aides said in previewing the speech Friday.

A senior USA administration official said Trump will "present a path forward" on the wall impasse during the televised speech but declined to offer details.

The president has repeatedly pointed to a crisis on the southwest border, where lethal drugs, criminal gangs, illegal aliens, and human traffickers pour into the United States unimpeded. You need a wall. "And on the 15th we have now set the table beautifully" for an emergency declaration. Richard Shelby, R-Ala. Asked how they differ, Shelby replied, "You have to ask them but I think it's pretty obvious". "And anybody that says you don't, they're just playing games".

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