Google launches Password Checkup extension for Chrome on Safer Internet Day

Google launches Password Checkup extension for Chrome on Safer Internet Day

Google launches Password Checkup extension for Chrome on Safer Internet Day

It never reports any identifying information about your accounts, passwords, or device.

At a time when instances of data breaches and malicious apps have become an everyday affair, Google has outlined a few steps for users to secure their Google account and take control of their data on the occasion of Safer Internet Day. Will you be installing the extension? Google also implemented a search settings upgrade that allows consumers to control what they've searched for, delete what they want, and change what they consider important and eyes-off in their Google account.

The difference between Google's Password Checkup and Firefox Monitor is that the latter will notify you of a breach that contained your email if the website has been breached during the past 12 months. "With technologies like Password Checkup and Cross Account Protection, we're continuing to improve the security of our users across the internet, not just on Google - and we'll never stop improving our defences to keep you safe online". If the checker detects that a user's credentials were exposed, Google will alert the user and suggest they reset their password, not only for that specific site but for anywhere the same username and password combinations are used.

For starters, Android users are advised to download apps only from the Google Play Store. Google has promised to continue to develop Password Checkup as part of their efforts to make the internet a safer place for us all. Privacy was at the heart of designing Password Checkup. The users' passwords and usernames will be encrypted so Google won't actually be able to see them itself. "And we only share information with apps where you have logged in with Google".

Using someone elses account and password sure is awful, but what is more bad is one actually getting into your Google Account, especially if you store card data, accounts for online banking and other sensitive information.

In both cases, the services are relatively new, and Google will work to improve and refine them over time. This is why the company has created its new Cross Account Protection feature.

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