What you need to know about the State of the Union address

What you need to know about the State of the Union address

What you need to know about the State of the Union address

Trump's speech began by recalling United States triumphs in World War II and space exploration. That has led Mr Trump to contemplate declaring a national emergency, which he says would let him reallocate funding from elsewhere without congressional action. Instead, he urged Democrats and Republicans to find a compromise by a February 15 deadline. We will build a Human Wall if necessary. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was praised by Democrats for her hard-line negotiating during the shutdown, will sit behind the president as he speaks. That deal did not include money for the wall.

Today, he's putting finishing touches on a speech that is expected to explain the need for a border wall and list his achievements with the economy.

One official briefed on the speech said Trump is also likely to deride recent Democratic state legislative efforts to pass late-term abortion legislation and appeared particularly animated about the topic at a White House meeting Monday afternoon. Russian Federation denies meddling and Trump has said there was no collusion.

"It's crucial for the Democratic Party at this point to decide what sorts of voices they want to represent and what sorts of inroads they want to make as far as the party being optimally inclusive", said Jamila Michener, a professor at Cornell University who studies racial inequality and electoral systems.

"I'm not very optimistic we're going to get a deal". "It was pablum, without specifics", said Tim Ghriskey, chief investment strategist at Inverness Counsel in NY.

The president's address marks the first time he is speaking before a Congress that is not fully under Republican control.

To acknowledge this historic diversity, many lawmakers will be wearing white, a nod to the women's suffrage movement. Republicans cheered on the president, while Democrats grimaced or shook their heads but held their fire and applauded at non-partisan moments, such as when two Holocaust survivors were recognised. It is expected to be either in Hanoi or Da Nang.

The source said Mr Trump would discuss troop drawdowns in Syria and Afghanistan and that about half the speech would be devoted to foreign policy.

President Trump is delivering his State of the Union address, which the White House says will outline a "policy agenda both parties can rally behind".

Republican senator John Cornyn said he remains hopeful Congress can resolve the dispute.

Trump's guests for the speech include Anna Marie Johnson, a 63-year-old woman whose life sentence for drug offenses was commuted by the president, and Joshua Trump, a sixth-grade student from Wilmington, Delaware, who was allegedly bullied because of his last name.

With the Democrats having rejected his "compromise" to build the wall with steel instead of concrete, Trump announced Tuesday that a different kind of material had been chosen. Trump will not only be reaching out to the Bible Belt during his State of the Union address-he will also be trying to convince Rust Belt voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and OH that they need to support him again in 2020. Yet the speech follows the longest shutdown in USA history, and the deadline to avoid another one is in less than two weeks.

A source close to Mr Trump said the president is not expected to take that step, which likely would draw a swift court challenge from Democrats.

After almost making history in November, the former Georgia state lawmaker was chosen by Democratic leaders in Congress to deliver the party's official response to Trump's State of the Union speech. "Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country", Trump said.

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