Virginia Lieutenant Governor faces second sexual misconduct charge

Virginia Lieutenant Governor faces second sexual misconduct charge

Virginia Lieutenant Governor faces second sexual misconduct charge

"I have never forced myself on anyone ever", Fairfax said. "To find out that he dressed up in blackface is disappointing".

Northam also said that the sexual assault allegations against Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax are "horrific" and must be "taken very seriously", but that he has not come up with a potential replacement if Fairfax resigns. "Do we want to address all of them, or are we just sticking with Ralph right now? That may mean, after this scandal, that he doesn't fit in with either side of Virginia culture and politics".

The Associated Press typically does not identify those who say they were sexually assaulted, but both Tyson and Watson issued public statements using their names.

And then Attorney General Mark Herring admitted that he once donned blackface to perform as a rapper at a college party in 1980.

Lawyers for Meredith Watson released a statement Friday alleging that Virginia's No. 2 politician raped her in 2000, while they were both attending Duke University.

Virginia Democrats have watched in horror as the three strategies play out.

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The Democrat defended his vow to stay in office despite widespread calls for his resignation. "We are shocked and dismayed by these credible and serious allegations". But the group of black state lawmakers remained more cautious in its comments concerning Fairfax and Herring. "She was upset, said Adams". But it did not go over well in the more populous pockets of Democrats and minorities in Northern Virginia, college towns and parts of Hampton Roads and Richmond. "Please, please, please remove me from any future emails about him please", Watson wrote on October 26, 2016.

As the old axiom warns: Be careful what you ask for. "And so we're ready to learn from our mistakes".

Shemicia Bowen campaigned for Democrats up and down the ticket.

"It doesn't feel plausible at all", she said of Watson's allegations. "Southern history, Virginia history in particular, doesn't move in a linear's kind of one step forward, two steps back".

He said he has talked to his cabinet about issues such as affordable housing and looking at whether minority-owned businesses are getting full access to state contacts. What else do you feel like is not a big deal?

On Saturday, though, the governor reversed course and said he wasn't in the picture. "No, I won't", Dillard said. Northam, especially, owes his 2017 election to African-Americans, and in particular African-African-American women, 91 percent of whom voted for Northam over Republican Ed Gillespie. "For me, it's always people over party".

The allegations have surfaced in the harsh glare of the national spotlight, which was initially drawn to Virginia by a separate controversy involving Gov. Ralph Northam. Dillard also suggested an African-American liaison in the governor's office, to establish a pipeline for young blacks to rise to meaningful positions in government.

Tyson said Wednesday the 2004 incident left her feeling deeply humiliated and ashamed.

Fairfax ended the week with his law firm - Morrison & Foerster, of which he is a partner - telling employees that the lieutenant governor is taking a leave of absence from the firm, according to an internal memo obtained by CNN.

"Probably many, many more in the General Assembly wore blackface", Scurlock, 82, said.

The possibility of all three top-ranked leaders of Virginia's executive branch having to resign raised the prospect of Democrats losing the governorship to the Republican speaker of the state House of Delegates, who is next in the line of succession. It hasn't changed much.

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