JLR rolls out new inline six-cylinder petrol engine

JLR rolls out new inline six-cylinder petrol engine

JLR rolls out new inline six-cylinder petrol engine

Available initially on the special edition HST model, the all-new Ingenium engine is more responsive and better balanced than the previous V6 petrol. With 550Nm of torque, it powers the Range Rover Sport from 0-100kmph in 6.2 seconds and to a top speed of 225kmph. Land Rover has fitted an "electric supercharger" system, using the electrical power to spool up the turbocharger more quickly and reducing the "lag" usually associated with turbocharged engines.

These performance-boosting technologies work alongside a new Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) powertrain that is underpinned by the new engine, bringing enhanced efficiency to the range with fuel economy of 9.3 litre/100km.

The manufacturing giant said the "mild" hybrid electric engine system will help reduce emissions as well as optimise performance and fuel economy.

In addition to being committed to delivering clean diesel and gasoline engines, Jaguar Land Rover is investing in electrification with next-generation Electric Drive Units (EDU) starting production at the EMC from 2020. The MHEV 48V system uses a small integrated electric motor to harvest energy lost during deceleration, and then intelligently redeploys it to assist the engine to maximize efficiency.

As we've speculated for years, Jaguar-Land Rover has a new inline-6 engine, and on Tuesday the company announced it will first find a home in the Land Rover Range Rover Sport HST.

We'll likely see the official debut of the Land Rover Range Rover Sport HST at the 2019 New York International Auto Show in April. It doesn't sound like much of an improvement, but bear in mind that this engine's predecessor - a supercharged V6 from the Jaguar F-Type - was only capable of 26.9 mpg and 243 g/km on the now-defunct and less stringent NEDC economy test.

The special-edition HST boasts a model-specific combination of interior and exterior updates, including bespoke badging and carbon-fibre trim on the bonnet, grille, side vents and tailgate. Color options include Santorini Black, Fuji White, Indus Silver, Firenze Red, and Carpathian Grey and all have red brake calipers with optional gray anodized calipers offered.

Inside, there's a new color pattern on the front seats, and both the steering wheel and gear lever are detailed in suede. The ride also gets High Speed Emergency Braking and a Terrain Response 2 traction system.

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