Apex Legends is getting a new gun tomorrow

Apex Legends is getting a new gun tomorrow

Apex Legends is getting a new gun tomorrow

The studio later confirmed the weapon is in fact called Havoc, but didn't reveal what class it is or which ammo it takes.

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Apex Legends has been out for barely three weeks and it's already getting its first piece of free content. Players that update their game on February 20th and dive in for a match might come across a brand new weapon. The Havoc is live in the game now-check it out in action in the trailer below, or see us using it to secure a victory in the video above.

Respawn also teased a new weapon over on its Twitter account.

Last night, at 10pm United Kingdom time, the Apex Legends Twitter account revealed the new gun would be coming to the game today - so we're going to assume, at the latest, we'll see the firearm in the gun by 10pm tonight. For the Devotion LMG, for instance, you can add the Turbocharger hop-up, which speeds up the charge time when the gun begins to fire. It is a fully automatic assault rifle and is available in the game now. The quicker the Havoc rifle charges, the faster it reaches its full firing potential. From the looks of it, the attachment may improve short and medium distance shots. Much like the other weapons in the archetype, it appears as if Havoc will also feature an alt-fire mode.

Apex Legends is free-to-play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For more guides like this one on Apex Legends, be sure to stay tuned here.

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